Windows Vulnerability Continues to Impact Network Printing for W&L Users

standing beside printer
Published | September 23, 2021

Since early July, ITS has been actively responding to the severe threat posed by a zero-day bug known as PrintNightmare, impacting all versions of Windows. Microsoft has issued warnings that the software vulnerability is being exploited by hackers intent on gaining access to enterprise networks. Unfortunately, patches for the bug within routine Windows updates continue to cause disruptions in W&L network printing. This issue is affecting institutions worldwide.

How is this affecting W&L users?

When software updates interact with network printers, users are prompted to enter an administrator password to accept the change – a necessary step in protecting against the Windows vulnerability.  ITS is tracking instances where the update doesn’t save properly to some computer devices which results in users being prompted to enter the administrator username and password multiple times.

How to get an administrator password?

To get an administrator username and password for your computer please email with the property tag number located on your computer. We will either send the credentials to your email account, enabling you to install the print driver update or we will dispatch a technician to your office.

You can also call the Helpdesk at 458-4357 for assistance.

If you need something printed immediately before the Helpdesk can respond, you can always upload print jobs to the generic Bizhub print queues and release them at any Bizhub by authenticating with your employee ID. Simple instructions for uploading to the print queue can be found here.

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