Recent Phishing Emails Targeting W&L

Stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals targeting the community through phishing attempts, spear phishing, and smishing. Keep yourself routinely familiar with our archive of the latest fraudulent efforts to steal your identity. When in doubt, never click links, input your information, or download attachments from curious looking messages.

If you’re unsure about an email you receive, please forward to the ITS Helpdesk at

screenshot of phish email that says:  Rebecca Simmons has invited you to view the following document:<br />
Fw: William C. Dudley added you as a viewer. Verify your email to securely view this document.<br />
Performance Review for Faculty and Staff.docx
screenshot of phish email that says: Service Desk, Your University Email account settings are out-of-date. To improve all student/faculty/staff account user experience, privacy policy update is required to avoid login interruption. 845.69 MB used. At 1.3 GB you won't be able to send mail. Privacy Policy Action Required Now. Visit "https://its/instructional..." Note: To access your Outlook account for upgrade a notification call will come through your phone, kindly answer the call and then press 1 on your phone to continue.
screenshot of phish email that says: Donna Heffner adde you as a viewer. Verify your email to securely view this document. You will need to verify your email every 7 days. Learn more.
screenshot of phish email that says: Some departments are currently hiring individuals who can assist some of their visiting professors by providing basic admin duties remotely.<br />
The successful candidate will Liaise with staff, other departments, and/or external organization concerning matters regarding assigned work as well as coordinating with the Director.</p>
<p>Weekly Salary:<br />
$400 ( $350 +$50 for miscellaneous including tax)</p>
<p>For more Information. Contact ( with your alternative “email address” as well as your school schedule.
screenshot of phish email that says:  Your mailbox storage limit is more thatn 98% on the email server.  At 100% limit, certain email features like: sending messages, receiving messages, forwarding messages will not be available for usage. Visit the link "" and log in to increase your storage limit.  ITS Service Desk
screenshot of phish email that says:  Hello Customer,</p>
<p>There is nothing at all you want to do. By permitting your Geek Squad safety to renew automatically, you can continue to be included towards the latest malware, such as viruses, adware and different threats. Note: Please get in touch with our support staff within 24 hours if you suspect the information above is inappropriate. Dial 1 360 210 1776 if you didn't make this purchase or wish to withdraw this, and they will assist you in receiving the full reimbursement of your payment.  Grateful, Geek Squad
screenshot of phish email that says:<br />
Your password is expiring today 9/12/2022, Priority High, Action Required! You are required to keep your passoword to avoid login interuption to your microsoft account.  Keep Password.

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