Updating or Removing an Older Version of Citrix Workspace on a Mac

pic of Mac laptop
Published | May 31, 2024

Are you running an old version of Citrix Workspace on a Mac?

If so you may receive the following message from the ITS Helpdesk.

Our management software identified your computer as running an older version of Citrix Workspace app for Mac with a known security vulnerability.

What is Citrix?

You most likely installed this to use myVI.  Citrix Workspace is an application that provides access to virtual apps and desktops.

What do I need to do?

If you no longer use Citrix Workspace, uninstall the application and all related files by clicking on “Uninstall Citrix Workspace” in Self Service (Finder>Applications>Self Service) on your computer.

If you continue to want to use Citrix Workspace, please update to the most recent version of Citrix Workspace from Self Service (Finder>Applications>Self Service).

picture of Mac self service with links to install and run citrix workspace

If you need more information:

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk (Helpdesk@wlu.edu or 540.458.4357).

We appreciate your assistance in helping to keep Washington and Lee’s network safe!

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