Updates to W&L Managed Apple Computers

picture of an Apple laptop
Published | May 28, 2024

Over the coming weeks, ITS will be pushing security updates to all W&L managed Apple computers as part of the ongoing efforts to protect against cyberthreats to the university network as well as risks to user data.

As these upgrades are rolled out, users will see pop-up notices on their computers confirming the progress of software installations and/or policy changes. A list of the updates with screenshots can be found below. Users may receive one or more of these pop-up notices based upon the upgrade status of each Apple computer.

1. New Duo Universal Prompt login screen

2. Activating FileVault (macOS layered encryption security)

  • A FileVault message will pop-up the next time a user logs in after either logging out or a computer restart.
  • Click “Enable Now” and then click “OK.”
Image one - Your administrator requires that you enable FileVault.  FileVault secures the data on your disk by encrypting it's contents automatically. You must enable FileVault now to continue.  Image two - Enabling FileVault on your system. FileVault encrypts your volume using your login password. The initial setup may take a minute.

3. Upgrade to Rapid 7 InsightVM security

Background Items Added. Software from Rapid7 LLC added items that can run in the background. You manage this in the Login Items Settings.

4. Enforcing a password protected lock screen after 15 minutes of inactivity

Managed login items added. Your organization added items that can run in the background. You can view these in Login Items Settings.

Should you have any questions about these updates, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at X4357 or help@wlu.edu.

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