Sunsetting Legacy Systems – Colleague, Self-Service and Entrinsik Informer

sunset over W&L campus
Published | September 5, 2022

In September of 2019, Workday was introduced to the campus community as a rapidly growing, industry leading cloud-based provider of human capital management, financial management, business planning and student information software.  The Project Workday Executive Committee noted that the product was selected by W&L as the system to replace Ellucian Colleague (including WebAdvisor and Self-Service), our (then) 38-year-old platform used to manage Human Resources, Finance and Student information.

Intuitive functionality, more reliable access to data, and marked improvement in efficiencies were all critical components to selecting Workday as W&L’s next solution. Now, faculty, staff and students have all seen first-hand the system upgrades following HCM/Finance go-live in September of 2020 and launch of the student component in March of 2022.

As we near the end of the implementation-phase of this multi-year project, it now becomes necessary to decommission Colleague, Self-Service and Entrinsik Informer. The first step will involve removing login access for users. While most of the data associated with the legacy systems has been moved into Workday, there are instances where historical data will be maintained for a number of years to complete the transition.

October 3rd – Login Access Expires for Colleague and Self-Service

Starting on Monday, October 3rd, faculty, staff and students will no longer have login access to Colleague and Self-Service. Most business process functions previously accessed in the legacy systems will now be found in Workday.

October 14th – Login Access Expires for Entrinsik Informer

Starting on Friday, October 14th, faculty, staff and students will no longer have login access to Entrinsik Informer. Functional access to most reports and university data will now be found in Workday.

Should you have any questions about this transition, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at X4357 or

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