Security Awareness Tips for June 2022

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Published | July 5, 2022

Personalized Scams

June 20th, Tip of the Week  | Cyber criminals now have a wealth of information on almost all of us. With so many organizations getting hacked, cyber criminals can simply purchase databases with personal information on millions of people, then use that information to customize their attacks, making them far more realistic. Just because an urgent email has your home address, phone number, or birth date in it does not mean it is legitimate.

Updating Plugins

June 13th, Tip of the Week  | Every plugin or add-on you install in your browser can expose you to more danger. Only install the plugins you need and make sure they are always current. If you no longer need a plugin, disable or remove it from your browser via your browser’s plugin preferences.

Installing Mobile Apps

June 6th, Tip of the Week  | Beware of installing mobile apps outside of standard trusted sources like the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Once you’ve installed an app, always double-check the privacy settings to ensure you are not giving away too much information. Does that mobile app really need access to contacts or need to know your location at all times?

Go With Passphrases

May 30th, Tip of the Week  | Passphrases are among the strongest version of password you can use and often the easiest to remember and type. Simply use random words or an entire sentence for your password, such as “Honey rain beach lost” The longer your passphrase, the stronger it is. Learn more about W&L’s passphrase requirements.

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