Security Awareness Tips for January 2022

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Published | January 31, 2022

Change Default Passwords

January 24th, Tip of the Week  | According to CISA, most network devices, including wireless access points, are pre-configured with default administrator passwords to simplify setup. These default passwords are easily available to obtain online, and so provide only marginal protection. Changing your default password makes it harder for hackers to access a device. Consider using a passphrase as an even more secure option.

First Line of Defence

January 18th, Tip of the Week  | When it comings to phishing, it’s important to remember that users relying on university technology on a daily basis are the first line of defense in protecting against those who want to breach the network. Please keep security in mind each time you use your credentials to log into your W&L email, MyApps, Workday, Box, Office 365, and other productivity applications. If you’re unsure about a message you’ve received, be sure to contact the ITS Helpdesk ( and keep up with our Phish Alert Page.

Go with Passphrases

January 10th, Tip of the Week  | Passphrases are one of the strongest type of passwords you can use and often the easiest to remember and type. Simply use random words or an entire sentence for your password, such as “Honey rain beach lost” The longer your passphrase, the stronger it is. Learn more about W&L’s passphrase requirements.

Don’t Rely on Passwords Alone

January 3rd, Tip of the Week  | The new year has arrived and it’s a great time to do a quick assessment of the security practices used to protect the information tied to your identity. Whenever possible, opt to use multi-factor authentication for all your online accounts. Passwords alone are not enough to keep cybercriminals from hacking into your personal accounts. For convenience, most people choose to use their mobile phone as the important “second factor” for securing their login access.

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