Most Convenient Second Factor Options When Using Duo

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Published | May 17, 2022

Duo provides users with several “second factor” options to validate their identity and protect personal information when logging into University applications like Microsoft Outlook Mail. By far, the fastest, easiest and most convenient option is to receive a push notification through the Duo app (Google Play or App Store) or generate a passcode through the app.

An additional and important benefit of the Duo app is that push notifications are free, unlike Duo phone call prompts, which are charged to the University.

Want to add a new authentication method when logging in? Check out our How-To page with instructions. Find out more about second factor options from the list below.

1. Smartphone – Best Option for Most

  • Use the Duo App with push alerts to sign-in.
  • Works with cellular and/or Wifi connectivity.
  • If unable to connect, simply enter a code generated by the app.
  • Set up additional options like text and landline calls to home or office.
  • Purchase a Duo USB key if desired.

2. Basic Mobile Phone Without Data (e.g., flip phone)

  • Get a Duo passcode by text sent to your phone or receive a call from Duo to authenticate.
  • Set up additional options such as landline calls to your home or office.
  • Purchase a Duo USB key if desired.

3. Office or Home Landline Phones

  • Receive a Duo call to either
  • Only viable if your’e within close proximity to your tethered (landline) phone.
  • Purchase a Duo USB key if desired. ITS can assist with purchase in some instances.

4. Options 1, 2, and 3 Don’t Work for You?

  • ITS will distribute USB Keys when the user is required to log in for work purposes and does not have reliable access to a phone.

Above all else, ITS strongly recommends that you set up as many of the “factors” listed above as you can. It’s always good to have a back up plan in case one is not available (e.g., you lose your mobile phone).

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