Major Switch Upgrade Work to be Completed in Campus Buildings During the Summer

aerial view of campus
Published | June 4, 2024

ITS will begin work next week on a major upgrade of switch hardware throughout many of the buildings on campus. The project involves modernizing networking hardware that allows for the connectivity of all devices within a specific location to the campus network. This type of switch replacement was last completed 12 years ago. The typical maximum lifecycle of this essential hardware is 5 to 8 years, highlighting the critical need for immediate upgrade.

Switch networking hardware will begin to show signs of wear and tear after about five years with reduced speeds, shorter range, and perhaps even signs of heat damage. As such, we’ve experienced recent device failures requiring emergency upgrades in select locations this year.

Proposed Replacement Schedule

To minimize impact to the W&L community, ITS has scheduled the switch replacement project throughout the summer months. While work is ongoing in a specific building, there will be an intermittent loss of internet connectivity (both wired and wireless). This also includes office VOIP phone service. Please refer to the chart below for upgrade locations and dates.

All work will be completed on a designated day for each building starting at 9:00 AM and will continue for a period of time estimated not to exceed the upgrade window hours listed below. Individual users in each location will likely experience no more than 30 minutes of downtime.

Please note Washington Hall work will begin at 5:00 AM instead of 9:00 AM.

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk (X4357 or if you find that the proposed schedule conflicts with an essential business need on that day so that we can work to establish an alternate timeline for your location.

Chart legend: UDH = Upper Division Housing

Building NameDateUpgrade Window
Chavis Hall6/10/20243 hours
Washington Hall6/11/20243 hours
Tucker Hall6/13/20243 hours
Payne Hall6/14/20243 hours
Newcomb Hall6/17/20243 hours
Center for Global Learning6/18/20244 hours
Elrod-008 (Ground Level)6/20/20242 hours
Elrod Campus First Floor6/21/20243 hours
Elrod Second Floor7/1/20243 hours
Graham Lee Dorm6/27/20244 hours
Gaines Dorm6/28/20245 hours
Science A110 & A2106/25/20241 hour each
Science A310 & A4107/2/20241 hour each
Howe H109 & H2077/8/20243 hours
Howe H307 & H4077/9/20241 hour each
Parmly 148 & 2287/11/20241 hour each
Parmly 3167/12/20242 hours
Parmly 4157/15/20243 hours
UDH – A, B & C7/16/20241 hour each
UDH – D, E & F7/18/20241 hour each
UDH – G, H & I7/19/20241 hour each
UDH – J, K & L7/22/20241 hour each
UDH – M, N & O7/23/20241 hour each
UDH – P & Q7/25/20241 hour each
Leyburn 3208/5/20242 hours
Leyburn 4218/6/20242 hours
Leyburn LL-1B8/8/20243 hours
Leyburn M68/9/20243 hours

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