Get the Most Out Of Your W&L Box Account with These New Features

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Published | November 7, 2022

Box, W&L’s chosen solution for file storage enables quick access to files from any device, anywhere, to students, faculty and staff. Presentations, design documents, videos, and photos — these files can all be stored and shared securely with Box. Box’s cloud drive works for virtually any file type, enabling multiple people to collaborate without the risk of version-control issues.

Now Upload Files up to 150GB

With the Box Enterprise Plus plan, students, faculty and staff can now upload large files to Box, up to 150 GB per file. This is a great advantage for those working with large datasets, images or videos. Some Box apps have lower application-specific limits, however (see below).

  • Box Mobile: 15GB
  • Box Sync: 15GB
  • Email Uploads: 50MB

Send Documents for e-Signature with Box Sign

Send unlimited documents for signature from the Box web app. Box Sign puts e-signatures within easy reach of all your document workflows. A seamless signing experience occurs right in the Content Cloud. Box Sign helps you manage the entire process, from authoring agreements to getting signatures to retaining executed agreements.

You can select who needs to sign, select the order in which people need to sign, and include additional fields such as date of signature, explanatory text, and checkboxes. To receive and sign documents, recipients do not need to have Box accounts — anyone with an email address can receive and sign the documents you send.

Basics of sending a signature request:

  • Click the Box Sign icon in the left sidebar of your Box homepage.
  • Upload or select from Box the document you want to send for signature.
  • Add each recipient who needs to receive the document.
  • Prepare the request’s signature fields and email notification settings.
  • Set an expiration for the request then send.

For additional details, expanded options and helpful screenshots, please see the Box support documentation located here.

Box for Microsoft Office coauthoring

Microsoft Office coauthoring for the W&L community offers real-time coauthoring on Office desktop and web, for those running Office 365. Students, faculty and staff will have the option to simultaneously edit and collaborate on Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files on desktop in real-time, with all changes automatically saved to your university Box account.

This is a feature that compliments the existing integration with Office Online, enabling users to coauthor Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in Box whether working in Office on desktop or web — with all edits automatically saved back to Box.

Currently available for the following platforms:

  • Desktop app (Box Drive and Office desktop apps)
  • Web app ( and Office for the web)

Note: Box Tools does not support coauthoring. You can coauthor when opening files on the Office desktop app from the website without the need for Box Tools.

For more information and updates about Box for Microsoft coauthoring, visit the following Box Support page.

Automate Workflows with Box Relay

Box Relay is a new kind of workflow software that allows anyone to accelerate repeatable work centered around content — from simple tasks to sophisticated processes. With an extensive set of workflow triggers and outcomes, students, faculty and staff can streamline document or research project reviews, standardize employee onboarding, and accelerate approvals for a variety of university-based workflows.

Users can create a new workflow from scratch, or choose from a large number of pre-built workflow templates to help you get started right away. Monitor and track workflow progress in real-time, so you can see who has approved a given document, and who still needs to review it. Meanwhile, those to whom you’ve assigned specific tasks in turn can be notified directly to review, edit, and comment on their assignments.

To take full advantage of the Relay’s capabilities, look for processes that typically involve:

  • multiple users
  • multiple steps
  • the use of metadata
  • advanced routing logic
  • status visibility and reporting

Learn more about Box Relay by visiting the FAQ page at Box Support.

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