December 2021 Security Awareness Tips

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Published | January 3, 2022

Theme Based Phishing

December 17th, Tip of the Week  | Cybersecurity researchers are tracking an increase in attempts to steal credentials from students and staff at colleges and universities. Proofpoint is reporting that criminals are using COVID-19 and Omicron as themes in phishing emails. Leveraging current events is a common method bad actors employ to distract users from their attempts to gain malicious access to personal information. Universities across North America will likely see an increase in these phishing themes over the next few months. Find out more…

Phishing Your Phone

December 6thTip of the Week  | SMS Phishing, or “Smishing” attacks are targeting users expecting package deliveries this holiday season. Bad actors are now delivering malicious links right to your phone in texts. Cybercriminals send texts claiming to be from legitimate retailers (e.g., Amazon, Eddie Bauer, Target, etc.). Once you click on one of their links, they attempt to steal your sensitive information, or trick you into downloading malicious software. Be suspicious of any text message you were not expecting. Find out more…

Phone Call Attacks

November 30thTip of the Week  | More and more scams and attacks are happening over the phone. Whenever you get an urgent phone call pressuring you to do something (such as a caller pretending to be the tax department or Microsoft Tech Support), be very suspicious. It’s most likely a scammer trying to trick you out of money or pressure you into making a mistake. Protect yourself, simply hang up the phone or tell the person you can’t help them. You are not being rude, the person on the other line is trying to take advantage of you.

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