August 2020 Security Tips

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Published | September 2, 2020

Finding a USB Drive

August 24, Tip of the Week  |  Be very careful of any lost USB drives you may find (such as in the parking lot or local coffee shop) or USB drives you are given at public events, like conferences. It is very easy for these devices to be infected with malware. Never use such devices for work, use only authorized devices issued to you by work.

Go With Passphrases

August 17th, Tip of the Week  |  Passphrases are the strongest type of passwords and the easiest to remember. Simply use random words or an entire sentence for your password, such as “Honey sunshine beach” The longer the passphrase, the stronger it is. Passphrases are both easier to remember and type.

Major News Events

August 10th, Tip of the Week  |  When a major news event happens, cyber criminals will take advantage of the incident and send phishing emails with a subject line related to the event. These phishing emails often include a link to malicious websites, an infected attachment or are a scam designed to trick you out of your money.

What is Malware

August 3rd, Tip of the Week  |  Malware is software–a computer program–used to perform malicious actions. In fact, the term malware is a combination of the words malicious and software. Cyber criminals install malware on your computers or devices to gain control over them or gain access to what they contain. Once installed, these attackers can use malware to spy on your online activities, steal your passwords and files, or use your system to attack others.

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