Security Awareness Tips for July 2022

computer keyboard with lock
Published | August 3, 2022

Emails Outside the Domain

July 25th, Tip of the Week  | Be cautious and attentive to messages that are sent from outside the domain. Typically phishing emails will be sent to W&L users from external sources. One way to recognize these types of emails is through the tag “EXTERNAL” that Microsoft uses in the Outlook email client. Learn more about this feature here.

Two Home Computers

July 18th, Tip of the Week  | When possible, it can be a good idea to have two computers at home — one for parents and one for kids. Separate machines can offer a layer of protection from accidental clicks, malware, and/or downloads. If your family shares a computer, create separate accounts for everyone while limiting privileged access for children.

Shopping Online

July 11th, Tip of the Week  | When shopping online, always use your credit cards instead of a debit card. If any fraud happens, it is far easier to recover your money from a credit card transaction. Gift cards and one-time-use credit card numbers are even more secure.

Be Careful With Email Auto-Complete

July 5th, Tip of the Week  | Be careful when using email auto-complete. This feature automatically completes a name for you when you begin typing in the “TO” field. It’s not unusual for your email client to auto-complete a similar, yet unintended recipient’s name. If you are emailing anything sensitive, always be sure to double check the “TO” field before hitting the send button.

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