October 2021 Security Awareness Weekly Tips

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Published | October 28, 2021

Security Technology Cannot Stop All Attacks

October 25thTip of the Week  | Technology alone cannot protect you. Bad guys are constantly developing new ways to get past firewalls, anti-virus and filters. You are the best defense against any attacker.

Forwarding Emails

October 18thTip of the Week  |  When you forward an email to others or copy new people to an email thread, review all the content in the entire email and make sure the information contained in it is suitable for everyone. It is very easy to forward emails to others, not realizing there is highly sensitive information in the bottom of the email that people should not have access to.

Finding a USB Drive

October 11thTip of the Week  |  Be very careful of any lost USB drives you may find (such as in the parking lot or local coffee shop) or USB drives you are given at public events, like conferences. It is very easy for these devices to be infected with malware. Consider using only authorized devices issued to you by your employer.

Installing Mobile Apps

October 4thTip of the Week  | Only install mobile apps from trusted places, and always double-check the privacy settings to ensure you are not giving away too much information. Does that mobile app really need access to contacts or need to know your location at all times?

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